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Herbal Teas
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Individual dried Jasmine Flowers Botanical, Jasmine Flower - 28g

100% Natural Dried Jasmine

Price: CAD $8.00
13 in stock!
1 oz dried Lavender flowers Botanical, Lavender Buds - 28g

100% Natural Dried Lavender

Price: CAD $8.00
9 in stock!
Organic Catnip Catnip Tea, Organic - 30g

for you and your cat
benefit different ways
happy together

Price: CAD $14.00
10 in stock!
Damiana Damiana Tea - 30g

your beloved tea
mellow golden elixir
sweet night and sweet dreams

Price: CAD $9.00
6 in stock!
A kit including 5 different herbal teas; Damiana, Dream Big, Holy Basil Tulsi, Melissa Lemon Balm, Lemongrass and a Greeting Card. Don't TEAs Me Mama

5 beautifully packaged loose teas

Price: CAD $35.00
5 in stock!
Dream Big Herbal Tea Dream Big Tea - 40g

daytime sip soothes nerves
nighttime brew encourages
deep and restful sleep

Price: CAD $10.00
2 in stock!
Holy Basil Tulsi Herbal Tea Holy Basil Tulsi Tea, Organic - 40g

tea for all reasons
the queen of herbs finds her place
sleeping and healing

Price: CAD $9.00
5 in stock!
Organic Lemongrass Tea Lemongrass Tea, Organic - 30g

sunset or sunrise
calm body, calm mind, calm heart
the brew to soothe you

Price: CAD $6.00
10 in stock!
Oolong Tea Live Long Oolong Tea - 60g

Live Long Oolong Tea

Price: CAD $10.00
8 in stock!
Melissa Lemon Balm Melissa Lemon Balm Tea - 40g

oh yes lemon balm
what else is there we can say
one sip will explain

Price: CAD $9.00
4 in stock!