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Oracle and tarot Cards for insight, clarity, personal growth, divination, and more!
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Lenormand Fortune Telling Card Deck Lenormand

by Harold Josten
From the Legendary 18th-Century oracle Marie Anne Lenormand

Price: CAD $22.00
The Wildwood Tarot Card Deck The Wildwood Tarot

by Mark Ryan and John Matthews
Wherein wisdom resides
Artwork by Will Worthington

Price: CAD $25.00
Sacred Vision Oracle Card Deck Sacred Vision Oracle

by Lynn V. Andrews
Find your act of power
Artwork by Robert Taylor

Price: CAD $30.00
Spirit Cats Spirit Cats

by Nicole Piar
Inspirational 48-card deck to ignite your intuition

Price: CAD $32.00

Good Medicine Feather Shield Inner Travel Guide Card Deck Good Medicine Feather Shield Deck

by Leo F. Sawicki
Inner Travel Guide based on the Medicine Wheel Concept

Price: CAD $32.00
Radiant: Rider-Waite Tarot card deck Radiant: Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

by Pamela Smith
A new version of the popular Rider-Waite deck

Price: CAD $34.00
Crystal Tarot Crystal Tarot

by Elisabetta Trevisan
Stained glass style art Crystal Tarot Deck.

Price: CAD $36.00
Earth Power Oracle Deck Earth Power Oracle Deck

by Stacey Demarco
An atlas for the soul

Price: CAD $36.00
Sacred Earth Oracle Card Deck Sacred Earth Oracle

by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J. Williams
Artwork by Helena Nelson-Reed

Price: CAD $36.00
Kuan Yin Oracle Kuan Yin Oracle

by Alana Fairchild
Blessings, Guidance, & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine

Price: CAD $36.00
Journey of Love Oracle Card Deck Journey of Love

by Alana Fairchild, Richard Cohn
Paintings by visionary artist Rassouli

Price: CAD $36.00
Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Card Deck Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

by Alana Fairchild
Artwork by Wang Yiguang
Soul Guidance From The Wild Divine

Price: CAD $36.00
Sacred Rebels Oracle Card Deck Sacred Rebels Oracle

by Alana Fairchild
Guidance for living a unique & authentic life
Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Price: CAD $36.00
Rumi Oracle Card Deck Rumi Oracle

by Alana Fairchild
An invitation into the heart of the divine

Price: CAD $36.00
Chrysalis Tarot Card Deck Chrysalis Tarot

by Toney Brooks
Award winning Chrysalis Tarot deck
Paintings by Holly Sierra

Price: CAD $51.00
Lost Code of Tarot Card Deck The Lost Code of Tarot - Limited Edition

by Andrea Aste
An adventure between History and the imagination!

Price: CAD $57.00